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My name is Markus, the founder of Language by Doing.
I’m a German-American living in Berlin.Portrait-1


Language learning is fun and being able to speak a few gives you many opportunities. The world has so much to offer, and you miss out if you’re trapped in one form of communication.
It can be a hassle, though to visit a class and go through a set curriculum when usually only a few topics interest you.
You study and a few days later you forgot the vocabulary you didn’t need to begin with.
Learning language as part of something that captivates you is one of the methods that will enable you to learn extremely fast.

If you’re an expat and have put off learning the language of the country you’re in, it might be because the classes simply aren’t interesting. Imagine now, someone hosting cooking groups in Spanish, while you’re living in Barcelona or finding a group of board game enthusiasts in Berlin.
That sounds a lot more fun than sitting in a classroom, right?

Other times you have a hobby that you follow with great passion, a martial art for example. There is no reason to be able to speak politics or finances when you want to understand the instructions of the masters in their native tongue.

Learning the respective languages will open new doors for you.

This is what Language By Doing is all about. Opening new doors and connecting people so they can grow together.

Let us know what you would like to learn, or do while learning a language in the comments below. If you have the time, please fill out our short survey right here (2 minutes should be enough)

We will start building the community in Berlin and are looking for supporters. If this is a project you would like to contribute to in any way, email me at markus@languagebydoing.com

Spread the word