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A photowalk is a great thing and since we’re all about great things, a photowalk is in order.
We get a small group of people who want to practice their English, meet at a location in Berlin (I’d recommend Warschauer Straße) and we explore from there. I can’t really guide people, since I’ve only been here for a few months, but that’s cool – we can just venture forth into the great unknown as the fellowship of the aperture ring. We’ll figure something out.

One ring to rule them all.

One ring to rule them all.

The area around there is kind of interesting, the whole complex at Revaler Straße is nice during the day, even though it’s a lot less busy than around the time people stumble out of Cassiopeia. The area is what a lot of people would call typical Berlin, so we should also be able get some nice street photography shots (There probably are areas with more variety for that, though).
The group shouldn’t look too much like a bunch of tourists, so it’s only going to be 4 people max and no tripods or huge lenses. Let’s try to blend in a bit, or at least not look too crazy. Tourists with huge camera setups… I never trust them.

That dude is shady.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer. I’d consider myself an enthusiast, so I could show beginners a few things about their cameras, but pros will likely be more interested in the language part.
Some questions we can definitely clear up:

  • What do all those numbers on the back of my camera mean? Is it some sort of countdown?
  • What’s an exposure triangle?
  • What’s the rule of thirds?
  • How do I adjust aperture and what does it do? (aperture? WTF?)

These are all questions that can be answered. If you have no idea about them in your native language, you might as well learn in English. There are waaaay more resources available online to dive into if you’re curious.

So many people give online tips about the basics of photography, there are websites dedicated to it, youtube tutorials and of course tips by pros on their websites.
Since even the non-English native speakers write so that they target the largest possible audience, English is the way to go.If you can understand what they’re talking about you can improve your photography so much.
So if you’ve wanted to get out of Auto mode on your camera, join on a photo walk!

After the walk we can sit down someplace and have a nice beer, talk about our experiences and maybe check out some shots from that day.


Spread the word