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The other day I saw something great over at Irina’s blog Language Catalyst: Read about it here

She talked about unleashing your inner Napoleon Dynamite. It wasn’t about voting for Pedro every chance you got, but just keeping it real and doing what you do whole-heartedly when the time comes. Her example was the dance scene at the end of the movie where Napoleon gets on stage and does a super quirky, but lovable, funky dance routine.

There are times in life when you should unleash the Dynamite. Often enough, if you can do it, it will make people open up to you as well. Show some mistakes, some vulnerability and just put yourselves out there- chances are most people will appreciate the honesty and choose to help you over ridiculing you (the ones who choose to be negative about it shouldn’t be in your life).
You will make mistakes when you learn a new language, but as mentioned before, go with the flow, embrace and enjoy the weird situations that might arise and don’t let it get you down.
You can try to appear as perfect by only showing what you know, but leave your comfort zone and be more concerned about getting better, rather than being good.
This is a very valuable lesson for any skill you hope to acquire. Lifelong learning, never settling and always finding something to improve is a great guideline for a productive life.

So how do we combine unleashing the inner Dynamite with leaving our comfort zone while having fun? Karaoke of course!
Most of us seem pretty vulnerable while singing, but everybody can do it. Karaoke is great fun and the place we’re going to has small booths to rent, so we don’t have to get in front a large audience.
So we will get together for German Karaoke at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke at Warschauer Straße. You can register here: Register here


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  1. Irina Pravet

    May 9, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    I feel so inspired by how you turned this into a karaoke night out – so, so awesome! I’ll be attending the event in spirit :)
    – irina

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