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Date(s) - 03/07/2014 - 24/07/2014
11:30 am - 3:30 pm

Paola's Atelier


Thursday from 11.30 to 15.30 p.m.
2 sessions of workshops suitable also as single lesson/series drop in:July 3 + 10 + 24 + 31price: 32€ per day
in English and German/Deutsch (falls jemand Hilfe braucht)

The brightness of oil color, its freshness, the possibility of continuous processing, adding and subtracting, the versatility, make oil the medium of painting par excellence. It has a strong luminous trait, that preserve its brilliance for many years and remains wet longer than many other types of artists’ materials, enabling the artist to continuously change color, texture or form.
Oil color has a big range of application, can be laid in almost transparent layers, in bold strokes, large flat areas of color, wet on wet or through a longer drying process. Colors can be applied pure or mixed, directly from the tube or diluted with turpentine and other mediums.

The series of workshop starts focusing on color theory, preparation of the canvas and study of material.
The student then explores different possibilities and techniques, starting with a first black/white/blue approach to understand shadows theory, then going on in colors world. We’ll practice from life, from images and from painting, dealing with objects, figure, space, portrait and so on.
The lessons will be based on examples from art history and structured on strong basis like: volume rendering, individuation of planes, composition, shadows theory, study of different styles, emotional treats of painting, study of favorite artist’s techniques…
After a well structured study path, the student is able to recognize and/or improve its natural inclination and interests.

June series:

– color theory with exercises
– first approach with white/black and blue – shadows and cast shadows – structure
– how to manage oil color, how to dilute color, differences in preparing the thinner and use brushes
– how to build a palette made of glass
– apply color to still life and shadow theory ( on color ) – mixing colors –
– examples of techniques from art history

July series:

– how build a canvas – canvas board or mdf/wood panel ( if students are interested in it )
– colors harmony and contrast – theory, practice and examples from art history
– use of warm/cool colors ( depth, emotion, construction )
– emotional treats in painting
– composition: tips and rules – create an image
– examples from art history
– sketches on different techniques

The location just for oil workshop is on Sonnenalle, near Rathaus Neukölln. Since it’s a private house, will be communicated directly to interested people.

To book, please contact Paola at pao_la22it@yahoo.it
Event is in cooperation with www.berlinfiguredrawing.blogspot.com